Once again we’ve been lucky enough to witness and have a privilege to photograph an event that we could not possibly describe with words. What you see below is a short story from Emit & Idil that traveled all the way from Istanbul to get married in Thessaloniki. A short story from an incredible day. A day full of fun, laughs, filled with love. A beautiful day, just look at this photos below. We knew this wedding will be amazing.

Kind words from our couple:

And the wonders of instagram! In planning our short weekend wedding in Thessaloniki, maybe one of the most difficult but crucial task was to find the photographer… the one that would reflect us the most. We thought we would give instagram a shot and to our luck, White on Black Studio appeared, and we were immediately sure, the way the photos were taken, so subtle, spontaneous, yet so romantic and fun!

Dimitris was one of us as soon as we met, and it was so comfortable working with him… He was there…. but not, and till the end of the night (morning)! While looking through the photos, we couldn’t keep the smiles off our faces, remembering each moment… and how we couldn’t stop laughing in some (and yet again still laughing… all reflected so perfectly.

We are so happy that our roads have crossed and to have had them as a part of our special day capturing moments, now what seems to be the only thing that can take us back to OUR day! We couldn’t have imagined anything better… lucky us! Thankyou for creating and capturing such precious moments…