Every time we post our travel photographs here, we ask ourself a question – is that something we should do on our wedding photography website. we know a lot of our friends in the business are 100% against it, saying that we should never mix our personal and professional live. The thing is though, when you hire a photographer, it’s not like hiring a plumber or buying a TV. Your photographer is the person who will spend more time with you during the wedding than anyone else. Actually, if you’re a bride, you’ll spend more time with the photographer during the wedding that with your own husband, so we guess from that point of view, there’s nothing wrong in posting something else than the wedding photos on our own blog. Now, we’re really against showing the whole world what we have for breakfast, post 50 photos a day of our dog, or check in on FB at every restaurant or airport we visit. What we mean by personal is showing what, apart from photographing people and emotions moves us in photography. Travel and landscape. That’s what it is. We love to travel and photographing landscapes is the reason why we picked up our first ever camera. Now, we’re not a pro landscape photographers, we don’t camp in one place for a week to wait for the perfect light to appear. We just shoot what we see and ad some minimalist approach to it – less is more, which is probably the way we’d describe some of our wedding photos.

Below you can see a few photographs. They’re nothing really special, just a few frames that we tried to extract from the chaos around the place we go. When we was making the selection of the photographs we going to use, one think that came to our mind is that a local photographer would never use this images. What we found interesting and beautiful in a way, would be something ordinary to him, something he sees every day, and not worth a photo. We guess, from that point of view, if you’re getting married abroad, and you want your photographer to record the most important day of your life the way you see it, the perfect way would be to hire someone who doesn’t live there as well.